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You’ll Get There
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Patricia Shih

When Jenny was just nine years old she took up the violin
Well at first she didn’t sound so good, she felt like she couldn’t win, no no
But that girl, she persevered
Though some sounds were pretty weird
Her mama just said “Keep going and trying and you’ll get there”

(don’t give up and) You’ll get there
(keep going and) You’ll get there
(keep trying and) mmmmmmmmmm

Now Jacob played ball pretty well but he only went so far
Now that boy, he wanted to play like a big league basketball star
So he practiced every day
And got better in every way
His papa just said “Keep going and trying and you’ll get there” etc.

Now what makes the difference?
How do you get there from where you are?
There are millions and millions and millions of lives
Everybody wants to be a star
I’ll tell you what I know is true
The only limit to the sky is you, you, YOU!
I’m here to say “Keep going and trying and you’ll get there” etc.

So Jenny and Jacob are just two kids, they’re pretty much the same as you
It ain’t necessarily brains or speed that you need to see you through
No, like the little train that could
If you persist, don’t resist, that’s good!
Keep going and trying, now I’m not lying and you’ll get there etc.

© Patricia Shih. Fragile Glass Music Publishing,BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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