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When I Say Stop
Words and Music by Sara Pirtle
Additional Verses by the 2000 Purple Team,
Stratford Friends School

When I say “Stop!”, I mean Stop! 
When I say “No!”, I mean No! 
I want you to hear me, 
Listen to my words.

I was in the kitchen in my house. 
I was getting a snack. 
My sister came and put me in a head-lock. 
She came up behind my back. 
I asked her to stop, but she wouldn’t listen; 
I was really mad. 
She is bigger and stronger than me. 
She made me feel bad.


I was on the playground with my friends 
It was time to go. 
A kid came up behind and pushed me 
I fell down and said "Oh no!" 
I told him to stop; 
He said he didn't do it. 
I was really mad. 
When someone lies to get out of trouble, 
It makes me feel bad.


Don't say stop all the time, 
or people won't listen to you. 
You will start to get annoying, 
by saying things that aren't true. 
Save the word "Stop" for when you need it, 
For when you're really mad. 
When I say "Stop" and they apologize, 
It makes me feel glad.




© Discovery Center Music, BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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