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I Make Mistakes
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andy Glockenspiel

I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt you
You have
Every right to be mad
What can I do
To show you I mean what I say
I’m sure
You have felt this way
If you haven’t, you will someday

I Make Mistakes
The mistakes are mine
If you love me you’ve got to love me rain or shine
I make mistakes
It’s just how I learn
But I won’t feel bad ‘cause when it comes to mistakes
Everybody gets their turn

I’m so sorry
I didn’t mean to say that
I know
I have hurt you so
What can I do
If words could be bought back, I’d pay
I’m sure
You have felt this way
If you haven’t you will someday


All I’m asking for is just a little understanding
If the shoe were on the other foot
You wouldn’t think I was being to demanding


© Andy Glockenspiel. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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