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Cheaters Get Cheated
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Patricia Shih

(sung to the tune of: Turkey in the Straw)

When you have a test at school and you didn’t study hard
If you look at someone’s paper you won’t earn your mark
You’re the one who will be gypped ‘cause you won’t have learned a thing
You’re the one who will be cheated by your own cheating

Cheaters get cheated (cheat, cheat, cheat)
They get defeated (beat, beat, beat)
Don’t it seem to follow that whoever does the dirt
Is the one who in the end will be the worst one hurt

When you’re playing in a game and you’ll do anything to win
Maybe bend the rules or maybe cheat a friend
If you don’t play fair your victory won’t mean a thing
You’re the one who will be cheated by your own cheating


When you try to put one over over anybody else
When you lie a little bit you belittle yourself
You can lose your reputation and your credibility
The respect of all your friends and your family


© Patricia Shih. Fragile Glass Music Publishing,BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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