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Hard Workin' Truck
James Coffey


I'll Pick Up Your Trash And
Haul It Away
I Or A Dig A Ditch For A Rainy Day
If You Need A Job Done Why
You're In Luck
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck

I'll Deliver Concrete
For Your Basement Floor
I'll Back Right Up And Start To Pour
Building A Highway Or An Aqueduct
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck

No Load Is Too Heavy For My Rig
No Hill Too High. No Job Too Big
If You Need Plowed
3 Out Or Your Car Unstuck
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck

I Help Build Roads,
Highways And Streets
Hauling In Gravel Or Fresh Concrete
I'm On The Job From Dawn To Dusk
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck

I'm Lean, I'm Mean,
I'm A Workin' Machine
Getting It All Done is Just Routine
Climbing Through The Mud, Stone,
Dirt And Muck
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck
I'm A Hard Workin' Truck



© James Coffey. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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