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Mighty Jackie, The Strikeout Queen
Marla Lewis and Les Julian


     A true story: Jackie Mitchell was only 17 years old, 130 pounds, and 5’7” tall, when she struck out two legendary batters in a row – Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig!

The year was 1931, an exhibition baseball game
The Yankees played an unknown team
Chattanooga Lookouts was its name
Babe Ruth stepped up to bat
To the pitcher, he tipped his hat
What happened next will sound absurd
But it’s the truth, every word!

Strike one--- caught the corner-
Babe watched that ball whiz by
Strike two---sinking slider
Babe swung and missed this time
He scowled at the pitcher
That puny thing
The crowd was on its feet
And before Babe knew what was happening
Strike three! ---down the middle
The greatest batter in the world
Stormed back ---to the dugout
He’d just been struck out by a girl!

Mighty Jackie the strikeout queen
Struck ‘em out at seventeen
Every paper and magazine
Cheered for Jackie Mitchell, the Strikeout Queen

Up next – Lou Gehrig
Well known as Iron Horse
First pitch – wicked sinker
He slammed the air with mighty force
He glared at the pitcher
He checked his swing
The crowd went crazy now
And before Lou knew what was happening
Strike three! – It was over
Witnessed by the whole wide world
Lou stormed – to the dugout
He’d just been struck out by a girl!


The Commissioner decided
That Jackie should be fired
‘Cause Baseball’s not a woman’s game

But we know the truth:
She struck out Babe Ruth
And now she’s in the Hall of Fame!


©2007 by Marla Lewis and Les Julian. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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