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Pizza Shake
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Bill Harley

There's two pieces left and there's five of us here
Everybody's still hungry, nobody wants to share
If we cut' em up in pieces, there's not enough to eat
I got an idea, now, listen to me
Get down the blender and plug it in
Punch that button and give it a spin
Pizza and ice cream both make me drool
If we mix 'em up together, yeah, it's gotta be cool

Pizza shake, yeah, we're gonna do the pizza shake
Pizza shake, yeah it makes the stomach quake
Show me the button that says "Puree"
We're gonna shake that pizza away, yeah, pizza shake

Well it's vanilla ice cream or pistachio
Milk and olives and oregano
I think some olives and onions just might do
Put in the chocolate syrup too
Look at that stuff it looks so fine
See the colors swirl, and watch it grind
There's bits of mozzarella and pepperoni too
Don't worry baby, there's plenty for you of my


You got your peppermint twist and your jelly roll
You got your chocolate kiss and donut hole
All these things, they are real fine
But the pizza shake just blows my mind

Mom says we're crazy, dad says we're nuts
Don't say it to their face but they don't have any guts
This stuff will be awesome, this stuff'll be neat
It can't be any worse than what they eat
Turn off the blender, get some glasses down
I'll fill them up and pass 'em around
Hey wait, why is everybody runnin' out the door
What's a matter guys aren't you hungry any more? for my


© Bill Harley, Round River Music . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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