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My Candy Tree
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Tom Gardner from The Uncle Brothers

I'm gonna grow a candy tree
as sweet as it can be
I can't wait for candy that I can pick
It'll grow in soil of Nestles Quik
My great big candy tree

We'll plant some bubble gum seeds
we might get candy cane weeds
Every day before I eat my lunch
I'll water my tree with Hawaiian Punch
To grow my candy tree

As my tree begins to grow
The candy begins to show
Starbursts budding from a Twizzler twig
Butterfinger bars are getting mighty big
Snickers snickering in the air
Lollipops popping up everywhere
From my growing candy tree

Here's my full grown candy tree
A living candy factory
before the winter comes we'll pick it clean
I'll be so popular at Halloween
I'll share with everyone in town
There's plenty of goodies to go around
because of my candy tree

Now I've been waiting all winter long
My candy is almost gone
The warm weather's coming I can taste the sweets
I can't wait to grow another batch of treats
soon M&Ms will pop out in the spring
When I see 'em I'll begin to sing
All about my candy tree


© Tom Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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