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Fruit Boogie
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Laura Freeman

Fruit Boogie

Banana Banana Banana Watermelon
Grapes Cherries Blueberries
I know it’s kind of scary but
I like Fruit

Cantaloupe can’t cope
Pears I can’t bear it
Lemons fine when you’re swimming
Nectarine makes me wanna scream

Honeydew quite a few
Limes sublime
Papaya take me higher
Strawberry tell me what to do

Oh Fruit fruit fruit fruit
Lemme tell ya
I like fruit

Kiwi fruit it’s a trip
Guava so hip
Passion fruit you know what it do
Tomato well it’s a fruit too.

Plums plump and juicy and a Persimmon pie
Pomegranate make me jump up in the sky
Apple Juice applesauce apple in a tree
Green red or yellow makes no difference to me

I could tango with a mango
A root toot toot with a grapefruit
A reet vreet deet with a sweet peach
Even marry a raspberry


Well mulberry gooseberry boysenberry stew
Tangerines and tangelos in Timbuktu
Kumquats are best in the south of Spain
Apricots I like to nibble in the rain

Oranges Poranges Who’s there
Oranges Poranges Who’s there
Clementines Blood orange I don’t care

Star fruit ugly fruit Muscadine grape
Breadfruit plantains they all taste great
Dewberries eaten right off the vine
Well a few fine figs are friends of mine


© Laura Freeman. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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