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Colors of the Rainbow
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Peter and Ellen Allard


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Colors of the rainbow, colors so bright.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
Colors of the rainbow, a colorful sight.

Verse 1:
Red is a stop sign
Red is a strawberry
Red is a fire truck
Red is a bunch of beets
Red is a valentine
Red is a rose. Chorus

Verse 2:
Orange is a pumpkin
Orange is a carrot
Orange is a salmon
Orange is a traffic cone
Orange is an orange
Orange is a sunrise. Chorus

Verse 3:
Yellow is a taxi
Yellow is a lemon
Yellow is a submarine
Yellow is a baby chick
Yellow is a dump truck
Yellow is a daisy. Chorus

Verse 4:
Green is a blade of grass
Green is an emerald
Green is a katydid
Green is a watermelon
Green is a caterpillar
Green is a pine tree. Chorus

Verse 5:
Blue is the sky
Blue is a topaz
Blue is a pair of jeans
Blue is a blueberry
Blue is the ocean
Blue is a butterfly. Chorus

Verse 6:
Purple is an eggplant
Purple is a boo boo
Purple is an amethyst
Purple is an iris
Purple is a purple finch
Purple is a fiddler crab. Chorus

Many thanks to Peter and Ellen Allard for permission to display these lyrics.
© Peter and Ellen Allard. All rights reserved. Used with permission





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