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A is for Alligator
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip

A is for alligator, ant and air
B is for banana, boat and bear
C is for carrot, cat and clay
D is for dinosaur, drum and day

E is for elephant, egg and eat
F is for flower, fish and feet
G is for gorilla, goat and guy
H is for hippo, house and hi

I is for iguana, ice and ill
J is for jellybeans, Jack and Jill
K is for koala, key and kite
L is for ladybug, lamp and light

M is for mosquito, mouse and map
N is for necklace, nurse and nap
O is for octopus, and oatmeal
P is for porcupine, pig and peel

Q is for quarter, queen and quail
R is for rainbow, rug and rail
S is for scissors, star and sail
T is for telephone, toe and tail

U is for umbrella and upset
V is for violet, van and vet
W is for wheel and way
X is for xylophone, x-ray,
Y is for yesterday, yellow and you
Z is for zebra, zero and zoo

I know all the letters from A to Z
Next time will you sing them with me?



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