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Patriotic Song Lyrics
By: Oliver Wendell Holmes


Land where the banners wave last in the sun
Blazoned with star clusters, many in one
Floating o’er prairie and mountain and sea
Hark! ‘tis the voice of thy children to thee!

Here at thine altar our vows we renew
Still in thy cause to be loyal and true
True to thy flag on the field and the wave
Living to honor it, dying to save!

Freedom! sweet freedom! our voices resound
Queen by God’s blessing, unsceptered, uncrowned!
Freedom, sweet freedom, our pulses repeat,
Warm with her lifeblood, as long as they heat!

Fold the broad banner stripes over her breast
Crown her with star jewels, Queen of the West!
Earth for her heritage, God for her friend
She shall reign over us, world without end!


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Educational Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

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