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Water them, care for them,
watch them grow,

In my heart each day.

In my heart, seeds of joy,
growing every day.

Seeds of peace...

Seeds of love...


I - With your right hand, point to yourself.

plant - With all the fingers of your right hand held tightly together, place them into your left palm, like you are placing something tiny into the earth.

seeds - With your right hand, make seed scattering motions in a wide arc.

joy - Palms up, flutter/brush both hands in a quick, upward motion, in front of your chest several times, indicating a good, "up" feeling.

in my heart - With the index finger of both hands, trace the shape of a heart on your chest.

each day - Place the tip of the elbow of your bent right arm, with your hand held straight up, on the down-turned left hand. Move the right hand downward towards the left elbow, keeping the right elbow in place (like the sun moving across the horizon).

water them - With your right hand, pretend you are holding a watering can and you're pouring water over a row of seeds.

care for them - With both arms make the motion for a hug.

watch them grow - Hold your left hand like you're holding a cup. Push your right hand up from below, through the left hand, opening the fingers like a plant growing.

peace - Clasp your hands in front of you (like you're shanking hands with yourself) then move both hands down and out in a smooth motion. (This shows a quieting effect on everything.)

love - Cross your arms in front of you, hugging yourself.


Many thanks to Gemini for permission to display these lyrics.
© Laszlo Slomovits ASCAP . All rights reserved. Used with permission


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Educational Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

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