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Mother Nature
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Peter and Ellen Allard


What goes up, must come down
Whatever turns wants to go around
As above, so below
Mother Nature tells us so.

Throw a ball into the air, try to make it stay up there
Gravity will pull it down, for sure, cause that's what gravity is for.


Try to spin a spinning top, then make it quit by yelling STOP
In that process the top is winning, momentum's going to keep it spinning.


When you look at any tree, there's more to it than what you see
Just as wide as the branches go, within the earth you'll find the roots below.


Mother Nature has many laws that effect any given cause
Bringing order to all we do, helping life do its best job too.



Many thanks to Peter and Ellen Allard for permission to display these lyrics.
© Peter and Ellen Allard. All rights reserved. Used with permission.





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