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Great Big Spinning Ball
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Uncle Brothers

There's a blue sky and a yard that's bright and green
Oh it's a great day the best I've ever seen
I'm gonna kick off my shoes and then I'll run
Beneath the blue sky and the great big yellow sun

There's a green frog that's sitting by the pond
I'll find a stick that can be my magic wand
I'll turn that frog into a boat and then I'll ride
Beneath the yellow sun and the big blue sky

It's a day for fun it's a day for living free
It's a magic world and there's magic that's in me
It's a day to sing a song that is my own
On this great big spinning ball that I call home

There's a black bird and it's singing a tree
He's a loud bird but he's not as loud as me
So I'll sing out and though he'll fly away
He always comes back singing later in the day

There's a brown dog that barks and licks my face
When I'm dreaming and staring into space
At the white clouds as they slowly drift on by
Like white cotton candy up in the big blue sky

There's a red barn and it's on our neighbors land
If I squint my eyes I can hold it in my hand
Like a giant I can carry it away
And the black and white cows can find somewhere else to play

© Tom Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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