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Crest Of The Wave
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jack Grunksy

There’s a job to be done, there’s work to do
Work for me and you
If we pull together we can get things done
We can see it through

Sister, brother helping each other
Work to make it work
It’s a never ending story
Every day we start anew

If we all think globally
Act a little bit more locally
Steer this boat of ‘humanity’
Fill your heart with love and be brave
All the things we need to address
Give a little more, take a little less
When we rise above the feeling of helplessness
We can sail on the crest of the wave
The crest of the wave

Gotta seize the day in our work and play
Join this circle dance
Gotta take care of this planet now
No matter what the circumstance

Gotta spread the word, stand up and be heard
We need to educate
With our hearts in place we will live in grace
You know it’s never too late

© Jack Grunsky. All rights reserved. Used with permission





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