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The Mandolin Song
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip


I remember when I was a little boy
At home on a rainy day
My father would go and he's look in his room
And bring out his music to play
He'd open his case and play us a tune
For me and the family
And the sound was so clear and full of life
As I played a harmony.

He played polkas and jigs, a two-step and more
He played them with style and finesse
But when it came time for a Viennesse waltz
I knew then that's what he loved best.
He'd pick it and dance it and play it again.
He'd sing us a serenade
And the rain was the rhythm that faded away
And left us a sunny day.

Yes, when my dad played the mandolin
You could almost hear the orchestra play
When my dad played the mandolin
A waltz is what he played.

Now I am grown. I live on my own.
I'm home on a rainy day
I thought of old times so I called up my dad
Long distance, 'cause I wanted to say
"I've been thinking about you and those good old songs
The ones we used to know."
"Well," he said, "I put the mandolin down
More than a year ago."

Now it's taken me years to finally know
The gift of that rainy day
When my father would go and he'd look in his room
And bring out his music to play
He'd be playin' a tune so sweet and so free
As I sat there and followed along
Now I give back to him what he gave to me than
He gave to me a song.



© Rosen, Shontz, Storey. All rights reserved. Used with permission


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