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The Sandman Part 2
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Sleepytime Lullabies



Twilight blue and evening star
Now the Sandman is not far
Hear his slipper on the stair
Swish of robes on dusky air 

To the nursery he’ll creep
To see that baby’s fast asleep
Sober kindly, wise and just
With his pinch of angel dust 

Soon he’ll peep into the cot
Is the child asleep or not?
Sandman, look, his eyes are closed
Now he’s still from top to toe 

Just in case the Sandman puts
A little dust on baby’s foot,
On his eyelids, cheeks, and brow
Hush!he’s getting sleepy now 

The Sandman comes to baby’s bower
Every night at twilight hour
He’s the guide-he has the means
To take us to the land of dreams



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