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Counting Miracles
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Hap Palmer

How many stars are up in the sky?
How many grains of sand on the shore?
How many fish swim down in the sea?
''Tho we may count there will always be more

Chorus: We could count miracles all night long,
One by one
On and on we would never be done
So go to sleep, my little one

How many blades of grass in the field?
How many birds fly up in the air?
How many shells on the ocean floor?
Lifes many wonders abound everywhere

Repeat Chorus

How many berries hang on the vine?
How many seeds does the spring breeze sow?
How many leaves are up in the tree?
Just when we know more new ones will grow

Repeat Chorus

Go to sleep, go to sleep
Go to sleep, my little one
For one thing I know is true
The sweetest miracle is you
Yes, one thing I know is true
The sweetest miracle is you


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