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The Man in the Moose
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Uncle Brothers

It was a Saturday in October it was Halloween again
And the neighbors gave a party said wear a costume if you can
Some came as famous people some costumes hard to explain
Some of the women were witches and the Jones came as a train
Mrs. Jones was the engine, her husband the caboose
And Mr. Ryan left his house dressed just like a moose
Well the head of the moose was just too big for Mr. Ryan to see
He never made it to the party; he just wandered down the street

Daddy daddy there's a moose in the yard and it sounds like Mr. Ryan
Daddy daddy there's a moose in the yard I promise I'm not lyin
He looked hot so we hosed him down
And then he started dancing around
there's a man in the moose and he can't get loose
And he's headed out into town

He got on a bus to Kansas but Kansas sent him home
We like our dear and our antelope so it's time for you to roam
And he wound up in a back yard some kids shot him with a hose
He got water in his fuzzy ears and a gusher up his nose
Now Mrs. Ryan's not worried she sips iced tea in the shade
With Mr. Ryan up and gone this girl has got it made
She goes to the movies every night and restaurants every day
If she knows where he's hiding, she's not willing to say

And if he comes back hungry she put some hay out on the stairs
She put a picture of a moose on a carton of milk so people will think she cares
Now Mr. Ryan's at the zoo and the kids all gather round
They all want to take his picture cause he's the funniest moose in town
Now he loves making children laugh as he dances for his food
And he makes friends with the other moose they just love his attitude
so if you're ever on a field trip and you end up at the zoo
Just say hello to Mr. Ryan and watch him dance for you


© Tom Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission


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