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The Angel Band
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Traditional Lyrics — Additional Words by Hap Palmer

Printable Right-Hand Music Notation with Chords is also available for this song.

     For this song, you will need one rhythm instrument for each participant. (Examples: wood block, tambourine, triangle, bells, sticks, maracas, and shaker. These can be store bought or homemade.) 
Count off from one to ten.  When your number is called, strike or shake your instrument one time. Then, everybody play at once as you sing the chorus.

One glorious Christmas morning
Ten angels did appear
And each one held an instrument
Carefully made by hand
First they counted off to ten
Playing one by one
Then they played together
In a joyful Angel Band

There was one, there were two,
There were three little angels
There were four, there were five,
There were six little angels
There were seven, there were eight,
There were nine little angels
Ten little angels in the band.

Oh, wasn't that a band, Christmas morning
Christmas morning, Christmas morning,
Wasn't that a band, Christmas morning
Ten little angels in the band


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