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There Are Ten
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip for Shavuot
Peter and Ellen Allard

A song for Shavuot

There are ten, there are ten
There are ten commandments to consider carefully
There are ten, there are ten
There are ten commandments to consider.

Number 1 says Adonai your one and only God
Number 2 there are no others, let's all promenade.


Number 3 says good words are the best let's be polite
Number 4 celebrate Shabbos, sashay to the right.


Number 5 says love your parents, love 'em loud and clear
Number 6 don't hurt anybody, and do si do my dear.


Number 7 says married people love each other hands down
Number 8 keep your mitts to yourself, quarter turn and then back around.


Number 9 says tell the truth let's all be honor bound
Number 10 be happy with yourself, come on let's all hoe-down.




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