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The "I Ate too Many Hamentashen" Blues
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A song for the day after Purim

I ate a lot of candy. I ate way too much cake.
It’s the day after Purim and I’ve got a belly ache.

I’ve got the “I Ate too many Hamentashen” Blues.
I’ve got the “I Ate too many Hamentashen” Blues.

It’s a question of indigestion, it’s those Hamentashen Blues

Some were filled with poppy seeds, and some were filled with prune.
I just know I ate enough to last me ‘till the end of June.

Repeat Chorus

I’m takin’ a beatin’ for overeatin’, I’ve got those Hamentashen Blues.
Went to hear the Megillah - there were lots of girls and boys.
Whenever we heard “Haman” we made a lot of noise.
We gave out Shalach Manot, knocked on every door,
We gave lots of charity but today I’m feeling poor.

Feeling stuffed enough to suffer from those Hamentashen Blues.

I wore a new costume, dressed up as a clown.
But Purim is over, so why do I still feel upside down?!?

Repeat Chorus

Yom Kippur sounds way hipper when you’ve got those Hamentashen Blues.

© Mindy S. Komberg. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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