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The Ballad of Mordechai and Esther
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A song for Purim

Mordechai was a Jew, proud like me and you!
He lived in Shushan long ago.
And when Haman came to town, and said you must bow down,
Ol’ Mordy stood his ground and just said: “No”!

Purim is the day we celebrate and say, miracles are hidden all around.
So if you’re in a jam, just do the best you can.
You soon may find the world’s turned upside down.

Esther was a queen – the finest you’ve ever seen!
She lived in Shushan long ago.
When she learned of Haman’s plan, she had to take a stand,
And save the Jewish people from this foe.

Repeat Chorus

‘Till today we tell the tale of how justice did prevail.
How Haman’s kith and kin all bit the dust.
Darkest night turned into day and it all came out okay.
Our motto forevermore: “In God we trust”.

Repeat Chorus

Trust in God to turn it upside down!

© Mindy S. Komberg. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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