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Plant a New Life
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip for Tu B'Shevat
Soul Tune Singers

A song for Tu B'Shevat

First put a sapling in the waiting ground.
Let the sun shine upon a year that’s ready to begin.
Then the rain comes and the living waters seep
Into the earth - beneath our feet.

Chorus I
There’s a new life in every tree that we are planting.
There’s a new child within that’s waiting to be born.
Find a new way to look at all that grows around us.
Start this new day with holy blessings sweetly sung.

“Hey there, old man!” called a passer-by.
“Why do you sweat and toil for fruit that you will never see”?
Said the old man: “For myself I don’t plant this tree,
“But for the sons and daughters after me”.

Chorus II
Come and taste of all the fruits this holy earth has offered.
Come and drink the milk and honey flowing in the land.
Soon all trees will bloom just like the early almond blossoms.
Nature’s children join together in this holy band!

You and I, friend, we are like trees of the field,
Hiding all our deepest secrets way below the ground.
Roots are reaching to where the hidden waters run,
Searching far to quench their thirst.

Repeat Chorus I

Repeat Chorus II

Children join together in this holy band!

© Mindy S. Komberg. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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