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L'Shanah Tovah
Children's Rosh Hashanah Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Peter and Ellen Allard

A song for Rosh Hashanah

L'Shanah Tovah, a happy new year
L'Shanah Tovah, a healthy new year
L'Shanah Tovah, a sweet new year
For you and you and me.

We start at the very beginning
And go round all over again
Like our A-B-C's and our 1-2-3's
From the beginning right to the end.


We dip our apples in honey
A sweet beginning to a sweet new year
We eat the challah so round, we hear the shofar sound
Yes, we hear it loud and clear.

Teshuvah, we change for the better
Tefillah, we pray for the best
Tzedakah, we help other people in need

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