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Look into the Light
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Soul Tune Singers

A song for Lag Ba'omer

This is the night, we build the fires high.
Oh! What a sight! Flames are reaching to the sky!
We sing of one named Bar-Yochai, a seeker of the light,
Who left us with a shining truth to guide us through the night
And turn darkness to light.

Come dance around, raise your voices higher!
Oh! What a sound! Souls on fire!
Beneath the surface lies the gold, there glows an inner light,
That dances to a higher song and burns with embers so bright!
It’s just out of sight.

After all the dancers go, when the fire dies,
Draw the bow aim your heart to where the arrow flies.
See with more than your eyes –

And look into the light of Lag Ba’Omer,
Keep looking for the light!
Lag Ba’Omer! We’re looking for the light!
Look for the light! Look into the light!


© Mindy S. Komberg. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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