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I Offer My Prayer To You
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip for Yom Kippur
Peter and Ellen Allard

A song for Yom Kippur

Al Het, Al Het, for my sins I say I'm sorry
Al Het, Al Het, I look at the year that's gone by
Al Het, Al Het, recalling mistakes, what I've said, what I've done
Al Het, Al Het, I offer my prayer to you.

I look in the mirror, I look deep inside
I want to do right, my soul to repair
Ask God for forgiveness, ask others I've hurt
To forgive me as I forgive them.


I ask for the strength to stand tall for the chance
To move closer to God , for Teshuvah I turn
To become all that I can become and to look on
Ahead to the year that's begun.


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