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Are You Listening, God?
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Peter and Ellen Allard

A song for everyday

Are you listening God?
Are you really there?
Are you listening God?
How will I know you care?
Are you listening God?
When I say my prayers?
Are you listening God? Are you listening?

When I wake in the morning and my eyes open wide,
Are You all around, are You deep inside?


When my day is long and I've much to do,
Can You hear my voice when I talk to You?


When my head is on my pillow and I sleep through the night,
Will You keep me safe keep me in Your sight?


As I live my life each and every day,
Will my faith in You help me find my way?

Final chorus:
I am listening God and I know you're there,
I am listening God and yes I know you care.
I am listening God when I say my prayers,
I am listening God, I am listening...


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