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Happy Happy Kwanzaa
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Bunny Hull & Friends

Happy Happy Kwanzaa
Light The Candles One By One
Happy Happy Kwanzaa
Can be celebrated by everyone

The 1st day of Kwanzaa stands for unity
We are one big family

The 2nd day of Kwanzaa
We make our own way under the sun


The 3rd day of Kwanzaa
We can do it together

4th day of Kwanzaa
We buy from each other
Sharing with our neighbors
Is helping one another


The 5th day of Kwanzaa
Our purpose is to know
Who’s shoulder’s we stand on
And that is how we grow

The 6th day of Kwanzaa
Beautify your world
‘Cause we’ve got special talents
Each and every boy and girl


The 7th day of Kwanzaa
Believe with all your heart
If you believe your dreams come true
Each day’s a brand new start

So let’s celebrate this Kwanzaa
Like one big family
We can change the world together
You and me... Everybody


Clap your hands, everybody
Stomp your feet, it’s Kwanzaa
Do your dance, be happy
Sing it with me, come one now
Touch your heart, can you feel it
Close your eyes, can you see it
See your dream, make it fun
Now reach for the sky

Happy Happy Kwanzaa (Pass it on everybody pass it on now)
Light The Candles One By One (Light one everybody light one)
Happy Happy Kwanzaa (Pass it on everybody pass it on now)
Can be celebrated by everyone

Spoken word:
You know you are very special
Share your specialness with your friends and family
The world is a better place because you’re in it
Follow your heart
Believe in yourself and reach for your dreams.....
They just might come true!

Harambe! 1....We are one big family
Harambe! 2....We make our own way
Harambe! 3....Let’s all pull together
Harambe! 4....Helping one another
Harambe! 5....We know our own purpose
Harambe! 6....Use your creativity
Harambe! 7....Believe with all your heart
Harambe! 8....This is Kwanzaa


This is Kwanzaa

Many thanks to Bunny Hull for permission to display these lyrics.
© Bunny Hull. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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