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Hanukkah Songs for Kids
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
for Chanukah, Hanuka, Hanukkah

These Hanuka/Chanukah/Hanukkah songs may be purchased for immediate downloading.

          Antiochus– Fran Avni/Jackie Cytrynbaum
          Avee Hidleek– Hanukkah Favorites
          Blessings Over Candles– Happy Hanukkah!
          Chag Samey-ach (Happy Holiday)– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          Chanukah Candles– Jackie Silberg
          Chanukah, Oy, Chanukah– Happy Hanukkah!
          Chanukah Song– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          The Chanukiah (How Many Candles)
             – Latkes and Hamentashen-Hanukkah
          Cleaning the Temple– Fran Avni/Jackie Cytrynbaum
          Eight Candles– Malvina Reynolds
          Hanerot Hallalu– Happy Hanukkah!
          Haneyrot Halalu– Hanukkah Favorites
          I'm A Dreydle– Fran Avni/Jackie Cytrynbaum
          I'm A Little Dreydl– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          If I Had A Dreidle– Geof Johnson
          Judah Maccabee, the Hammer– Peter and Ellen Allard
          Kad Katan– Happy Hanukkah!
          Latka– Geof Johnson
          Latkes are Delicious– Mar Harman
          Maoz Tsur (Rock of Ages)– Just in Time for Hanukkah
          The Marching Maccabees– Latkes and Hamentashen-Chanukah
          Mi Zeh Hidleek– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          O Chanukah– Chanukah Favorites
          O Christmas Tree/ O Menorah– Mar Harman
          Oh If I Were A Dreydl– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          On This Night– Happy Hanukkah!
          S'vivon– Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
          Simu Shemen– Happy Hanukkah!
          Take A Potato– Traditional
          Up a Hill– Jackie Silberg
          Where is it?– Latkes and Hamentashen-Hanukkah
          Y'mey Hachanukah– Happy Hanukkah!

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