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Halloween Parade
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Uncle Brothers

I've waited 365 days for another Halloween
our neighborhood looks like a giant parade with every costume you've ever seen
now it's almost time, it's almost dark, we gotta get to every house on the street
Get your costume on it's time to start, time to say, "trick or treat!"

and we'll see...
(and we passed...)
(and we'll give candy to...)
(and now I'll dream about...)

Pokemon, Obe Won, a Cinderella princess
a pirate and a pumpkin and fireman
Spongebob, Catdog, a bumble bee, a green frog
a mummy and a bunny and an indian

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, and witches
a ghost and a goblin in a monster mask
cheerleaders, M&Ms, even ugly aliens
everyone's happy and having a blast

Now our bags are getting mighty heavy and our feet are a little cold
I collected so much candy I'll have enough until I grow old
maybe we'll ring just a couple more bells in the costumes that we made
on our way home we pass all the characters just like a Halloween parade

When we get home we dump all the candy in a big pile on the floor
it might be my imagination but this year I think we got more
we separate the chocolate from the lollipops and put all the money in a pile
when the doorbell rings then it's our turn to hand candy out for a while

Now my head is about to fall on my pillow and my eyes are ready to close
It was a really long night of trick or treating I'm sore from my head to my toes
I don't want to see any candy any more I might give it all away to my friends
now I'm off to sleep and the dreams arrive I see everyone all over again

©Tom Gardner. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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