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Boogey Man
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Mr. I, Gary Q and the Rainbow Singers

Bouncy, jumpy, dancing song for the end of the concert.

I’m a Boogey Man, oh yes I am
I’m a Boogey Man, oh yes I am
Boooooo! I’m a Boogey Man
(Rainbow Singers make animal sounds as I sing them)

Well, I boogey with a dog, I boogie with a cat
Boogey with a bird, boogey with a rat
Boogey with a horse, boogie with a cow
I love to boogie let me show you how!
Booooo….! I’m a Boogie Man


Well I boogey at night, boogey in the day
Boogey at work, boogey at play
There’s boogey in my toes, boogie in my head
And I’ll probably still boogey, when I’m dead
Booo…..! I’m a Boogie Man

Solo (Rainbow Singers whisper. BOOO.. I’m a Boogey Man during solo)

We’re the Boogie Girls, oh yes we are
We’re the Boogie Girls, oh yes we are
BOOOO….! We’re the Boogey Girls
(Rainbow Singers: I can boogie with you, you can boogey with me)

We can boogey on a mountain, boogey in the sea
We can boogie on the ground, boogie in the sky
So let’s all boogie with Mr. I.
BOOO…! We’re the Boogie Girls.

(Mr. I sings chorus by himself.)

I’m a Boogey Man, oh yes I am
I’m a Boogey Man, oh yes I am
Booooo! I’m a Boogie Man!
(singers: BOOOOOO! We’re the Boogie Girls)
(together): BOOOOO..! Ooo ya!
Let’s boogie all around the world

Slide ending: Scat sing with Mr. I. BOOOOOOOO(watch me) BOO!.


© Mr. I. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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