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Jack Grunksy

It's time for my bath, a little wash'n'scrub
A soapy sudsy water-splashing body rub
With a holler and a hoot
I'm in my birthday suit
So here I go, I step into the tub Rub-a-dub

I've got my bathroom toys, my ducky "Squeaky clean"
My mermaid, my little yellow submarine
My wash cloth, shampoo
My squirty bottle too
My bubble bath called "Caribbean Club" Rub-a-dub

Oh what a time, what a time in the water
I swim around like an otter, like a whale
And then I'll take a shower
Smell just like a flower
It's my bath-time hour in the tub
(Happy bath-time hour in the tub! Rub-a-dub)

I float like a boat all around the foam
Like a fish, like a frog, I feel right at home
My toes play peek-a-boo
My belly button too
It's my very own ‘marine land’ in the tub Rub-a-dub

Then after I'll play "mirror mirror on the wall
Tell me, tell me, who's the cleanest of them all?"
And then I'd like to savour
That tangy toothpaste flavour
And give my teeth a polish and a scrub

© Jack Grunsky. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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