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Put Your Helmet On
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Bill Harley


It's a beautiful day, it's sunny outside
Get out the bike let's go for a ride
Fill up the tires and the water bottle too
Then there's one more thing to do, you've got to

Put your helmet on your head, put a lid on it
Your brain's inside you need every little bit of it
Put your helmet on, strap it on tight
Every single time you go for a ride
If you fall off the bike and your helmet goes crack
That's okay cause your head's intact
Put your helmet on, strap it on tight
Everything will be all right

Now some kid says "That's just not cool"
But you talk like that you're just a fool
I met a lot of heads, but I never did meet
A head as hard as the street, you've got to


Put your helmet on, put your helmet on
We're singing you this song so you will put your helmet on

If you put your helmet on it shows your smart
Cause it keeps your head from falling apart
The helmet is the thing that's a gonna protect
That itty bitty bump sitting on your neck
You can buy new clothes, new shoes you bet
But the thing between your ears is the only one yo get
All colors all sizes they look so fine
I got dinosaur stickers on mine

Everybody's wearin them everywhere you go
Your teacher and your doctor and old Aunt Flo
Tommy Terry Joey Jerry Peter Peggy Sue
Don't forget Dad, he's got brains too!



© Bill Harley, Round River Music . All rights reserved. Used with permission



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