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Loose Tooth Blues
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip


My tooth is loose, it's hangin' on by a thread
I leave funny teeth marks when I chew my bread
I can push it out, poke it back, everybody looks real close
The boys all say "cool", the girls all say "gross"

My grandpa tried to tell me yesterday
He'd pull out my tooth for me the old fashioned way
He tied a string to the doorknob, I thought he was a nut
I love him a lot, but I clamped my mouth shut

'Cause my tooth is loose, it's wigglin' 'round in my mouth
I poke it with my tongue, I push it north and south
I can lay it down, stand it up, everybody looks real close
The boys all say cool, the girls all say gross

Gramps was here today, and I surprised him a bit
He was going on about teeth pulling, when he was a kid
I finally reached in my mouth, gave a couple yanks
Then I handed him my tooth and said, "thanks... but no thanks"

Now my tooth is out, no longer hangs by a thread
There's money under my pillow from the tooth fairy instead
Just a space where my tooth was, but everybody still looks close
The boys still say "cool", and the girls still say "gross."


Many thanks to Gemini for permission to display these lyrics.
© Sandor Slomovits ASCAP . All rights reserved. Used with permission




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