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I'm Ok
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andy Glockenspiel

Sometimes I fall down and I’m Ok
If I’m ok when I fall down
I can stand up and laugh at myself
Or play like a doggie on the ground

Either way I’m having a great day
And I don’t have to cry or frown
I’m ok
No I don’t have to cry or frown

Sometimes I fall down and it hurts me
Things are not what they ought to be
My elbow’s in my ear and my foots turned around
My legs are in a knot and I’m upside down

On that day I know that it’s ok
To make that crying sound
It’s ok
To make that crying sound
Are you ok
Make that crying sound
(are you ok?)
(well let’s see, eyes, ears, aaaaahhh I have a nose!!!!)
(you had a nose before silly)
(oh, then I guess I’m ok)

© Andy Glockenspiel. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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