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Excuse Me!
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andy Glockenspiel

When I eat I, I like to talk
I take big bites and I never chew
Enough and then I, I have to say
(say excuse me!!) Excuse Me

When I look in, into the sun
Or dust or sweep up, it is no wonder
Why I always, I have to say
(say excuse me!!) Excuse me

We make sounds that, that sound so silly
Our bodies may speak without permission
And when they do we must always say
Excuse me
(say excuse me!!)
I already did

When I drink pop I drink it fast
I don’t sip I gulp and that makes gas
The bubbles must go, go up or down and…
“Now that was a big one. Excuse me!”


© Andy Glockenspiel. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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