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Bubbles Of Joy
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Maureen Conlin

Pop! Pop! Bubbles of joy!
In the bathtub with my toys.
Pop! Pop! Bubbles up and down,
When they pop, I love the sound.
Bubbles all around me, bubbles when I wash,
In the bathtub, splish and splosh!
Bubbles all around me, bubbles in the air,
Floating bubbles everywhere.


Pop! Pop! Bubbles of joy, now I’m wrinkly, but I’m clean.
Pop! Pop! Bubbles of joy, ten little toes and in between.
Having lots of fun, I splish and splosh.
Scrubbing bubbles in my bath.
Pop! Pop! Bubbles of joy, time to get out with my toys.


© Maureen Conlin. All rights reserved. Used with permission.





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