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I Can Trust You
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andy Glockenspiel

Sometimes it’s so scary
Needing someone else
It seems easier on your own
But there’s so much you’d be missing
Never having someone listen
Standing by your side
Standing right next to you until the end of time

I can trust you cause you care for me
Cause you speak honestly
When you say it’s ok
All my fears just fade away
I can trust you if it’s night or day
If you’re far away
And i hope to hear the same from you
I can trust you too

Sometimes it’s so scary
Needing someone else
There’s a chance they could break my heart
But there’s so much i’d be missing
Never being one who listens
Standing by your side
When i hear you say those words it cannot be described


My intention is to show you
No matter what you go through
You can always count on me
That’s what good friends do
They are honest and true


© Andy Glockenspiel. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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