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Best Friends
Children's Folk Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Marla Lewis

I was six and new at school,
Alone at recess, feeling blue
You said “hello” and asked me to
Come play first base on your team

I guess my grin lit up my face
You laughed and yelled, “Go take your base!”
From that day on I knew my place
Was on the team with you

If I’m a rainbow, then you’re the sun
Shining all my lovely colors on everyone
If I’m a paper, you’re the pen
You bring out the best in me, you’re my best friend

If I’m a bluebird, then you’re my song
That I’ll sing so sweet for you all my whole life long
If I’m a blossom, you’re the tree
Always best friends, you and me

Now we’re in a harder class
I’m good at writing, you like math
You helped me draw a pictograph
We wrote a poem together

You’ve got lizards, I have frogs,
You’ve got cats and I have dogs
Lizards, frogs, and cats and dogs –
What a family!


We keep our deepest secrets
Share our weirdest dreams
No one knows me better than you
Or knows you better than me!

Even when we’re 93
We’ll sit beneath the apple tree
And share our favorite memories
And laugh until we cry


Even when we disagree
You’re always sticking up for me
You listen to me honestly
When something’s on my mind

If I’m ever feeling down
You make me laugh, you clown around
If I had one last French fry
I’d save it just for you
When I’m stuck or just confused
I know that I can count on you

© Marla Lewis . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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