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I'll Always Remember
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Bobby Susser

1. The child/children may sing the line, "I'll always remember," or the entire song.
2. The child/children may list all the things and experiences he/she/they will always remember about their homes, and the parent/teacher may do the same.
3. The parent/teacher may want to point out that the memories of home never leave. And whether literally or figuratively one can go back home. This should be conveyed as a pleasant tho

I'll always remember
Where I come from
I'll never forget
Everyone there
'Cause that's where I come from
'Cause that's where I come from
And I'll always remember
That place called home
Wherever I go
I'll always know
That I can go back home
That I can go back home
Yes I'll always remember
I'll always remember
I'll always remember


© Bobby Susser. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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