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Old Chisholm Trail
Traditional Cowboy Song
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Mr. I, Gary Q. and the Rainbow Singers


1. Well, come along, friends, and listen to my tale;
I’ll tell you ’bout my troubles on the old Chisholm Trail.

Com a ti yi yippy, yippy yay, yippy yay,
Come a ti yi yippy, yippy yay.

2. I woke up one mornin’ on the old Chisholm trail
With a rope in my hand and a cow by the tail


3. On a ten-dollar horse and a forty-dollar saddle,
I’m a ridin’ and a punchin’ them Texas cattle.


4. I'm up in the morning before daylight;
and Before I sleep the moon shines bright.

5. Oh, it's bacon and beans most every day;
I’d as soon be eating that prairie hay.

6. Oh, it’s cloudy in the west and a’lookin’ like rain
But I left my slickers in the wagon again.

7. I went to the boss to draw my roll,
he had me figured out nine dollars in the hole.

8. So, I sold my horse, and hung up my saddle,
And I bid farewell to them Longhorn cattle.


© Mr. I. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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