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Himalayan Mountains
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Mr. I, Gary Q & the Rainbow Singers


Hima la la la la la la laya,
Hima la la la la la ya la
Hima la la la la la la laya
Hima la la la la la ya la.

Verse 1:
Let’s go to the himalayan mountains
The highest mountains in the world
The snow-capped himalayan mountains
Where the songs of the gods can be heard.


Verse 2:
Way back 50 million years ago
Along the border of tibet and india
Two land masses collided
Pushing all the rocks up high, high, high.


Mountain Names:
KANCHENJUNGA – The first man and woman were carved from the ice of this mountain.
MAKULA– A high mountain wilderness of unsurpassed beauty with an other-wordly presence.
AMA DABLAM– From the side it looks like a priest in robes holding both hands in a poetic blessing.
CHO-OYU – Padma Sambhava, Buddhism’s only saint, wrote messages to save the earth from this flat-topped mountain.
DAULAGIRI– This mountain stands beside the Kali Gandaki river, the deepest river in the world.
MOUNT EVEREST, is the highest.
SAGARMATHA, CHOMOLUNGMA. (Other names for Mt. Everest)
Himala la la la la la laya,,……………….. (Repeat first verse)

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