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Children of Nepal
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Mr. I, Gary Q & the Rainbow Singers


They live high in the hills,
Where the icy waters fall
They work hard, everyday,
As the winds of changes call
See them trekking down to the market
Beneath the mountains tall
Bringing back food in their dokko baskets

They’re the children of Nepal
They live high in the hills
Where the goats and sheep do graze
Planting rice, crushing millet
Learning all the ancient ways
Picking flowers to proudly offer
To the Buddha statues tall.
Hanging colourful clothes to pray
They’re the children of Nepal

From the top of Mount Everest,
Down to the city of Katmandu
In the smallest villages
And in the Boudanath (Bowdanath) temple too
The Nepalise children laugh and play
By the Anapurna mountain range
This is the land where Buddha was born

A land that is slow to change.
They live high, in the hills amongst the flowered terraced fields
They will smile, even still, with whatever the harvest yields
Burning wood in stoves of stone, they boil they’re daily dahl
They use they’re fingers to eat their food
They’re the children of Nepal
They’re the children of Nepal


© Mr. I. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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