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          Big Big World– Bill Harley
          Continents– Ira Marlowe
          Some Houses– Billy Jonas

          I J Impi/Johannesburg– African Alphabet
          Jambo– Mr. I
          Pole Pole– Mr. I
          S T Soweto/Taxi– African Alphabet

          Children of Nepal– Mr. I
          Himalayan Mountains– Mr. I
          My Name Is Panda– Mr. I

          Song For Australia– Making Faces

          40 Below– Mr. I

          Cariboo Road– Mr. I
          Come to Canada– Michael Mitchell
          Donkey Riding– Michael Mitchell
          Let 'em Run– Michael Mitchell
          Song for the Mira– Traditional/Michael Mitchell
          Tell Us A Story– Michael Mitchell
          Working Man– Traditional/Michael Mitchell

          Great Britian
          Arthur McBride– Traditional/Michael Mitchell

          North America  
          Animals of North America– Mr. I
          Arctic Habitat– Mr. I    
          Ho Ho Watanay/Long Wing Feathers– Mr. I
          My Work Is Never Done– Geof Johnson
          North American Countries– Mr.I
          Old Chisholm Trail– Mr. I  
          Salmon Song– Mr. I

          Totem Pole Poem– Mr. I  

          A Scottish Soldier– Traditional/Michael Mitchell
          Bonnie Dundee– Traditional/Michael Mitchell
          Scotland the Brave– Traditional/Michael Mitchell

          The Peat Bog Soldier– Traditional/Michael Mitchell

          The United States of America
          Agitate: Frederick Douglass– Jonathan Sprout
          Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round– Traditional
          Ain't You Got the Right to the Tree of Life– Bill Harley
          All Across the Land: Abraham Lincoln– Jonathan Sprout
          Amelia: Amelia Earhart– Jonathan Sprout
          Angel of Mercy: Clara Barton– Jonathan Sprout
          Aren't I A Woman: Sojourner Truth– Jonathan Sprout
          Ben Franklin– Jonathan Sprout
          Break the Barrier: Jackie Robinson– Jonathan Sprout
          Carry On: Susan B. Anthony– Jonathan Sprout
          Everybody Says Freedom– Bill Harley
          First Man On the Moon: Neil Armstrong– Jonathan Sprout
          George Washington– Andy Glockenspiel
          Get On Board, Children– Bill Harley
          I'm Gonna sit At the Welcome Table– Bill Harley
          I'm On My Way– Bill Harley
          Johnny Appleseed– Jonathan Sprout
          Keep Your Face To the Sunshine: Helen Keller– Jonathan Sprout
          The Light Went On: Thomas Edison– Jonathan Sprout
          Martin: Martin Luther King Jr.– Jonathan Sprout
          Oh Freedom– Bill Harley
          Rosa Parks– Andy Glockenspiel

          Sacajawea: Lewis & Clark– Jonathan Sprout
          Up Over My Head– Bill Harley
          Wade In the Water– Bill Harley
          Washingtons Hat: George Washington– Jonathan Sprout
          When They Flew: Wright Brothers– Jonathan Sprout
          Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Freedom– Bill Harley


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