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Wonderin' Why
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Marla Lewis

See below for activities that accompany this song.


Since I learned to walk, and I learned to talk
I’ve been wondering why, why, why, can you tell me why?
Why the sky is blue, how we get the flu!
Why tickling makes us laugh and onions make us cry.

Why are chocolate pies, onion rings and fries
More delicious than cauliflower, beans and broccoli?
Why does summertime seem to fly on by?
While it school it’s like every day’s an eternity!

Seems everywhere I turn, I see questions there
Floating up in the air around me, flitting like butterflies!
And every time I grab one and catch his eye
In his answer I always find there’s another WHY!

Why do bullies tease everyone they please?
Why do other kids cheer them on and join in making fun?
If you win a fight, does it prove you’re right?
Why is it so hard sometimes just to love someone?

Someday I hope, when I grow up, I’ll know
The answers to all those questions dancing around my brain!
I guess till then, I’ll be wondering why and when
And when they see me my friends will sigh, “there she goes again!”

(Spoken over fade)
Why are planets round? Why do things fall down?
Why can’t they fall up instead? Can you tell me please?
Why do roosters crow? How do glowworms glow?
Why do our noses run? And why do people sneeze?

Activities for "Wonderin' Why"

Questions, Questions! This song is full of questions!

There are three different kinds of questions in this song.
     The first kind of question has a right answer.
     Example: “Why is the sky blue?”
     Answer: Because the earth’s atmosphere filters out all colors but blue in the sky.
     Can you find another question with a right answer from the song? Write it here:
     Now, find the answer to this question at (also called Ask Jeeves). Just type in your question and hit Enter. You’ll be amazed at what you find! (Then try as many other questions as you like!) Write your answer below:
The second kind of question has many possible answers. No one answer is “right.”
     Example: What’s the best way to entertain yourself on a rainy day?
     Possible answers: Watch TV. Sing songs. Talk on the telephone. Draw and color. Can you think of another question with many possible answers? Write it here:
     Now, write your possible answers below. Remember – this is your opinion!
The third kind of question has no “right” answer at all! You just ask it and wonder.
      For example: Why are chocolate pies, onion rings and fries more delicious than cauliflower, beans and broccoli?
     Answer: Beats me!
     Can you think of another question like that one (hint: there are one or two in the song!)? Write it here:
     Now, use your imagination. See if you can make up a crazy answer to this question, and write it here:

New York State Learning Standards Addressed

English Language Arts
     1. Students will ask specific questions to clarify and extend meaning
     2. Students will use information appropriate to the purpose of their investigation and relate ideas from one text to another
     3. Students will read a variety of literature of different genres, e.g., songs, poems, and nonfiction works.
Science – Scientific Thinking
     1. Students will ask questions about natural phenomena, objects and organisms, events and discoveries.
Science – Tools and Technology
     2. Students will use technology to gather data.


© Marla Lewis . All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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