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Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jack Grunksy

Read the words in a poem
Or sing the lyrics of a song
They might stay with you a little while
Or last a whole life long
Cause words can touch your feelings
And words, they can inspire
They can move you and empower you
And lift your spirit higher

With all the rhythm and rhyme
Poetry you’re a friend of mine
And with your mystery sublime
Poetry you are a true friend of mine
Poetry through all the ages of time

Some words they paint a picture
Some words create a mood
Some words can make you laugh with joy
And change an attitude
Some words can feel like sunshine
Some words can feel like rain
They can fill you with deep longing
Or heal an aching pain

There’s a poem in every dew drop
In every grain of sand
In the laughter of the children
In the palm of a baby’s hand
A poem, like an echo
Of a time that is long gone
A poem like a shining light
On the road you’re travelling on


© Jack Grunsky. All rights reserved. Used with permission




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