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Can A Cherry Pie Wave Goodbye?
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Hap Palmer

- Recognize the difference between fantasy and reality
- Think imaginatively
- Develop skill in rhyming words

Sit in your chair or on the rug.

Listen to the questions. If it's something you might really see,  nod you head and answer "yes."  If it's something you would not really see, shake your head and answer "no."


Many lines we'll sing for you
Some are false and some are true
Can you tell if it's fact or fantasy
Is it just a funny thought?
Could it be or could it not?
Is it something you might really see?

Does a rose have toes?
Does a bear have hair?
Can a log chase a dog?
Can you take a trip on a ship?
Can a sock wind a clock?
Do trees have leaves?
Can a bird be heard?
Can a cherry pie wave goodbye, wave goodbye?
  Can a cherry pie wave goodbye?

  (Repeat first verse)

Can a snake bake a cake?
Do you eat with your feet?
Can a sink smile and wink?
Can you sweep a room with a broom?
Does a hose wear clothes?
Does a phone have a tone?
Can a dress play chess?
Can a cherry pie wave goodbye, wave goodbye?
  Can a cherry pie wave goodbye?

Follow up:
  - Show me in movement how you imagine it would look if a snake could bake a 
    cake ... if a log could chase a dog ... if you could eat with your feet.
  - Which imaginary situation did you find funniest?
  - Draw a picture that shows what this situation would look like.
  - Think of other rhymes that describe both imaginary situations and situations
    that could happen in real life.
  - Sing this song again using your ideas with the instrumental version (CD#17) 
    of this song.


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