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Alphabet Affirmations
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Music with Mar.

A is for art, I love art
B is for beautiful, the world is beautiful
C is for can, I know I can
D is for dreaming, and dreams come true
E is for energy, I am energy
F is for fun, I like fun
G is for good, I am good
H is for helping, I help my friends

There’s one for every letter of the Alphabet
Alphabet Affirmations
One for every letter so I won’t forget
Alphabet Affirmations

I is for intelligent, I’m intelligent
J is for joy, I’m joyful, joyful
K is for kindness, I show kindness
L is for love and I love you
M is for mind, I’ve got a great mind
N is for new, everyday is new
O is for open, my heart is open
P is for peace , peace on earth


Q is for quiet, It’s good to be quiet
R is for right, I’m all right
S is for sun, I shine like the sun
T is for truth, I tell the truth
U is for up, I’m growing up
V is for voice, I have a voice
W is what, I know what I’m gonna be
X is extra special, ‘cause I am me

Y is for yes, yes I can
Z is for zoom, I zoom through Alphabet land
Every time I say an affirmation
Good things happen, it’s a good vibration.


Many thanks to Bunny Hull for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2000 BrassHeart Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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Educational Children's Music from Songs for Teaching®

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